Changes to Parking Enforcement

The University has implemented changes to parking enforcement on the Keele and Glendon campuses to align with City of Toronto municipal code and other universities and broader public sector organizations in Toronto. Effective July 15, 2019 vehicles parked on campus in contravention of the University’s Parking and Traffic Regulations will be ticketed with a City of Toronto parking violation.

A summary of the changes is provided below.

Tickets for Non-Payment
Vehicles that are found parked on campus without valid payment may initially be issued a York University Parking Notice (“Notice”). The Notice will request payment for the applicable daily rate and advise that future infractions will be subject to City of Toronto ticketing and/or towing to a municipally-licensed impound located off campus. A vehicle may be issued a maximum of three Notices for non-payment of the daily fee, after which a City of Toronto Parking Violation will be issued for any future infraction. Repeat violations may result in the vehicle being towed to a municipally-licensed impound at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Tickets for All Other Infractions
For all other parking infractions, including parking in fire routes or other restricted areas, vehicles will be ticketed only with City of Toronto parking violations and may be subject to towing to a municipally-licensed impound at the owner’s expense.

Appealing City of Toronto Parking Violations
Individuals who wish to appeal a City of Toronto parking violation must do so with the City of Toronto under its Administrative Penalty System. York Parking Services cannot process these appeals. Information about the City of Toronto’s appeal process is available on the City of Toronto’s website.

Existing York University Parking Citations
Existing York University parking citations remain outstanding and payable. Individuals with outstanding citations who wish to purchase a parking permit will need to resolve any outstanding balances on their parking account to be eligible for a parking permit. For a limited time, Parking Services is offering a relief program for individuals with outstanding citations to resolve account balances at a reduced rate. Please contact Parking Services at or 416-736-5705 to discuss options.