Diamond Pool Parking

The Diamond Pool Parking Program is a sensible and convenient parking option that makes it possible for York community members to save time and money and also allows us to protect the environment.

To qualify for Diamond Pool Parking, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Carpool must have a minimum of two community members with their own vehicle(s).
  • All members of the Pool must work on the same campus and have the same hours of work.
  • Pool members must commute and arrive on campus together.
  • Pool members cannot register their vehicles on any other permit nor may they purchase any other permit.
  • Each member must sign the Diamond Pool Parking Terms and Conditions.

If you meet the above qualifications you can join together to form a car pool.  You will then drive to work together and bring one of your respective vehicles to campus at a time, therefore, sharing a parking space and the cost of the parking Permit.

Diamond Pool Parking is available in all lots on a first come first serve basis. The fee for the Diamond Pool Parking program is the equivalent fee to the lot of your choice.

With your Diamond Pool Permit each member will be issued a complimentary parking voucher, to better assist you with your varying work and family schedules. Each voucher will include four parking uses per term purchased, which can be used in any of the three garages  York Lanes, Arboretum or Student Services parking garages and each member will be issued a voucher.