York University Parking and Traffic Regulations

The Parking and Traffic Regulations below are in effect until July 14, 2019. New Parking and Traffic Regulations will be posted on this page on July 1, 2019.

Section One:

General Information

1.1 The York University Parking and Traffic Regulations are authorized by the Board of Governors and the President of the University within the powers granted by the York University Act 1965 of the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Fire Marshal's Act 1981. York University Parking & Transportation Services (Department of Campus Services & Business Operations), is delegated the responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of these Regulations.
1.2 The purpose of these Regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking services in support of this function within the limits of available designated parking space. All persons using University parking facilities are subject to the parameters set out in the applicable University Policies and Procedures, the Student Code of Conduct and the regulations detailed hereunder.
1.3 The lands and grounds of York University are PRIVATE PROPERTY, and the University reserves the right to control motor vehicle access to and driving on campus. The University permits parking and driving on campus grounds only upon the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations. Provincial laws and Municipal by-laws applicable to campus grounds may be invoked by York University at any time for the purpose of preventing unauthorized parking and ensuring access to fire routes. The speed limit on University roads is 40 km per hour, unless otherwise posted. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks. All vehicles must park in a designated parking stall and display a valid permit/pass or stub. Parking & Traffic Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1.4 Registered owners and registered drivers (if applicable) will be sent notification of their outstanding citations. If the registered owner and/or registered driver does not respond to the notification within 30 days, the registered vehicle(s) may be subject to relocation and suspension of parking privileges. Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to apply unused permit fees against the outstanding citations. Outstanding fees related to citations and/or service charges issued to students will be referred to Student Accounts.
1.5 Vehicles may be relocated and stored at the owner/driver’s expense where parked in contravention of York University Parking & Traffic Regulations (refer to Section Three).

The University reserves the right to move or impound any abandoned vehicle or any vehicle which is found parked in an unauthorized area. Any University parking privileges or permit issued with respect to such cars may be cancelled.

1.5a The University reserves the right to suspend parking privileges temporarily or permanently in any area for special events, emergencies, or ongoing construction.
1.6 Vehicles that are in violation under Section 3.9 and 3.9a of the York University Parking & Traffic Regulations or have been issued the Act of Trespass may be subject to:

  • Cancellation of parking privileges
  • Relocation and storage of vehicle at the owner/driver's expense
  • Fines and Penalties
  • University Sanctions
  • Legal Action
1.7 Metered Parking is available upon payment of the required fee.
1.8 York University assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss to a motor vehicle or its contents, no matter how caused, while it is on University property.
1.9 Camping or overnight stays in a vehicle are strictly prohibited while on campus.

Section Two:

Vehicle Registration

2.1 All Parking Permits (decals, placards, hangtags, passes, etc.) are issued by and remain the property of York University Parking & Transportation Services. They are solely for the use of the party for whom they were issued, and valid only for the vehicle(s) registered. Transfer by sale or exchange renders the permit invalid. Unauthorized use will result in confiscation and possible prosecution.
2.1a All patrons are required to relinquish any Parking Permit/pass/daily stub and/or access card when requested to do so by a Parking & Transportation Services Representative.
2.2 Faculty, staff and students whose main responsibilities, offices or majority of courses are at Keele Campus are required to obtain permits from Parking & Transportation Services at Keele Campus. Those, whose main responsibilities, offices or majority of courses are at Glendon Campus, are required to obtain permits from Parking & Transportation Services at Glendon Campus. Applicants for Parking Permits are required to produce the appropriate valid vehicle ownership.
2.2a Full-time Parking Garage/Reserved Permit Holders must renew their permit prior to June 30th each year in order to secure a parking space in the reserved lot for the following semester.
2.2b Service Permits will be issued to Departments ONLY. Service Permits must be accompanied by a valid Parking Permit and are for Service Areas ONLY, on a first come, first served basis. Service Permits are valid in Department “home” buildings for 30 minutes maximum. Illegally parked vehicles will be tagged. Your “home” building is the building affiliated with your Department.  All Service Permits will expire on April 30th each year.
2.3 A Parking Permit will not be issued to any registered owner/driver having unpaid parking fines or for any vehicle for which fines are outstanding.
2.4 Each vehicle on campus, other than those parked in lots where payment is permitted on a daily, hourly or metered basis, must display a valid permit. A permit is only valid for the vehicle(s) for which it is issued.

A temporary pass must be displayed on the left hand corner of the dashboard. A York University Hang Tag must be hung on the rear view mirror facing outward. In the case of a motorcycle permit, the decal must be affixed to the front windshield or forks.

2.4a All vehicles which are parked in Accessible Parking areas must display the Ontario Accessibility Parking Placard issued for the said person, and a valid Parking Permit, or daily pass/stub issued by York University, Parking & Transportation Services.
2.5 All members of the University community not having Parking Permits are required to pay a daily parking fee.
2.6 Vehicles not displaying a valid Parking Permit or pass issued under these Regulations are not entitled to park on York University property. Contravention of this article is subject to a Citation Notice being issued under Section Three and/or Four.
2.7 Residents are required to purchase a permit for each vehicle parked on campus.
2.8 All vehicles using parking facilities on York University property must have valid license plates and government issued validation stickers. Customers applying for a permit must provide a valid copy of the vehicle ownership along with their permit application. If the customer applying for the permit is not the registered owner, the registered owner must sign the permit application form.
2.9 Change of Information - Parking Permit holders must inform Parking & Transportation Services of any changes in the information provided on their application.

Section Three:

Parking and Traffic Violations

3.1a Non-payment of Unreserved Lot Daily Fee.
Fine: $20 Discount Payment: $10.
3.1b Non-payment of Reserved Lot Daily Fee.
Fine: $30 Discount Payment: $15.
3.1f Non-payment of Reserved Canlan Lot Daily Fee.
Fine: $10 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.2 Failure to display a valid permit, pass or daily stub issued for the said vehicle by York University Parking & Transportation Services.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.2a Parking at a time-expired meter.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.2b Parking in an area not designated for parking.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.3 Parking on hash marks.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20
3.3a Occupying two parking spaces.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.3b Parking in an area for which the permit, pass or stub is not valid.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20
3.4 Failure to obey regulatory signs.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.4a Parking on a Designated Snow Route.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.4d Failure to obey the parking and/or traffic direction of a member of Security Services or Parking & Transportation Services
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.4e Unauthorized parking lot entry/exit.
Fine: $40 Discount Payment: $20.
3.6 Parking in a University designated Accessible space without the appropriate permit, pass or stub.
Fine: $450 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.7 Parking on a Fire Access Route.
Fine: $250 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8 Parking or Standing on the Bus-only roadway in the University Common .
Fine: $250 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8b Blocking or Obstructing the roadway.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8c Blocking or Obstructing a building entrance or exit.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8d Blocking or Obstructing a loading dock.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8e Blocking or Obstructing a sidewalk/walkway/pathway.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.8f Blocking or Obstructing the laneway/aisle within a parking lot.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.9 Parking a vehicle displaying a permit, pass or stub obtained by
unauthorized means.
Fine: $300 Discount Payment: N/A.
3.9a Parking a vehicle displaying a counterfeit or altered permit, pass or stub, or unauthorized facsimile of a permit, pass or stub.
Fine: $300 Discount Payment: N/A.

Section Four:

Parking & Traffic Violations

4.0 PARKING PRIVILEGES CANCELLED re: Failure to pay fines. You have two (2)  business days to re-instate parking privileges with Parking & Transportation Services. Failure to comply will result in the offending vehicle being relocated at the driver/owner's expense.
Fine: $0.
4.1 Continuing to park on University property after notification of cancellation of parking privileges.
Fine: $100 Discount Payment: N/A.
4.2 On campus relocation administrative costs.
Fine: $60 Discount Payment: N/A.
4.2a On campus relocation.
Fine: $0.
4.3 The person who has registered a vehicle and/or license plate with the University, or the person recorded as the registered license plate owner will be responsible for:

  1. Any Citation Notices issued with respect to the said vehicle and license plate; and/or storing a vehicle.
  2. Tracing the owner of any unidentified vehicle and/or license plate.
  3. All other administrative costs, and invoice fees.
    The driver of a motor vehicle not being the owner is liable to the same extent as the owner.
4.4 Fines are payable upon issuance of the Citation Notice. Fines paid within 10 business days of the issue of the Citation Notice, Saturdays, Sundays, and Statutory Holidays excepted, will be accepted at the stated discount rate, where applicable (refer to Section Three).
4.5 Fines not paid within 10 business days of the issue of the Citation Notice, are subject to the set fine amount. If you park illegally, it is your responsibility to contact Parking & Transportation Services to enquire about your parking fines.
4.6 Vehicles in violation of the Parking & Traffic Regulations may be subject to relocation. If your vehicle or the vehicle you are driving has been relocated, contact Parking & Transportation Services during business hours at 416-736-5335 or Security Services at all other times at 416-650-8000. Individuals retrieving a relocated vehicle must provide proof of ownership or identification confirming that they are either the registered owner or a registered driver of the vehicle. If you are unable to produce this information, Parking & Transportation Services must be contacted by the registered owner/driver to confirm that you are authorized to retrieve the vehicle. All individuals retrieving a vehicle must complete a Vehicle Retrieval Form.
4.7 Failure to pay fines or charges assessed under the authority of York University Parking and Traffic Regulations within 30 calendar days of issue of a Citation Notice, or within 30 days of a mailing or posting of a Notice of Decision (Under Section Five) under which a fine is levied, may result in:

  1. Cancellation of parking privileges
  2. Referral to a private collection agency
  3. University sanctions
  4. Legal Action
  5. Additional service charge

Section Five:

Parking & Traffic Violations

5.0 If a driver or an owner has reason to object to the issuing of a Citation Notice or the assessment of a fine, a Notice of Objection may be filed in the manner set out hereinafter. Administrative costs are not subject to the appeal process.
5.1 A Notice of Objection must be submitted  to the Chair, York University Parking Appeals Committee within 5 business days from the issue of the citation, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Statutory Holidays. A Notice of Objection  received beyond the 5 business days will not be accepted.
5.2 A Notice of Objection may be submitted online at: parking.info.yorku.ca.

Active University members registered with Parking Services must login to the online appeal application through Passport York. All appellants who are NOT York members and/or are NOT registered with Parking Services must register with a Guest Login online at: parking.info.yorku.ca.

5.3 Notices of Objection shall be dealt with by the York University Parking Appeals Committee, which may uphold, cancel, or reduce the fine.
5.4 The Parking Appeals Committee will announce its rulings on Notices of Objection through a Notice of Decision. Payments owing are to be made within 30 calendar days from issuance of the Notice of Decision. Where applicable, discount payments must be made within 10 business days of receiving the Notice of Decision.
5.5 Right of Re-Appeal. Once a decision has been made, a person may request a hearing before the Chair, Parking Appeals Committee, providing in writing the reasons for requesting a hearing and including additional information not supplied in the original appeal. Such requests must be submitted within 10 business days from the mailing date of the Notice of Decision. The Chair, Parking Appeals Committee will then make a decision whether or not to hear the request. Should a hearing be granted, 3 dates will be offered to the appellant; failure of the appellant to accept one of these dates or to appear for a scheduled hearing will result in the upholding of the initial decision.
5.6 Administrative Costs. Where the Parking Appeals Committee denies an appeal, costs of $15 per appeal may be  assessed.
5.7 Decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee with respect to appeals SHALL BE FINAL AND BINDING.

How to Write an Effective Appeal

If you have received a citation, and you would like to appeal it, you have five (5) business days in which to submit a Notice of Objection. A Notice of Objection can be submitted online at parking.info.yorku.ca.

  1. Keep the information on the appeal as short as possible while still providing pertinent information.
  2. Indicate that the problem for which you were cited has been corrected or, if you are appealing your first citation, that you have made yourself familiar with University Parking & Traffic Regulations.
  3. Address the issue for which the citation was issued. Tangential matters cannot be considered.
  4. Avoid the temptation to editorialize. We are aware that convenient parking and loading zones are at peak times, limited.
  5. Avoid confusing parking issues with issues of security.
  6. Appeals are almost never granted for any of the following listed reasons:
    • “Everybody parks there, and I am the only one who got a ticket”
    • “I was only there for 5 or 10 minutes”
    • “I've parked there for the last five weeks (months, years, etc.) and I've never been cited before”
    • “I didn't know”
    • “I thought it was a space”
    • “I did not see the sign”
    • “I can't afford the fine”
    • “I had to use the washroom facilities” (or had a sick friend that had to use the washroom facilities)
    • “How was I to know it was going to snow last night?”

Keele Campus Parking Office

Hours of Operation
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Contact Information
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Renew your parking permit or pay citations online.
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